Studio Update!

Hello All!

We have wonderful news, and we have stinky news. I always like to go with stinky news first so we can end happy.



We are not going to be able to track this summer as I first hoped because I (Timothy) have to serve at Brentwood Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee this summer to fulfill a class for my worship degree at Liberty. Because of that, we will not be able to continue tracking until August 15th or so. Thankfully we have been able to get a decent amount done before leaving for the summer. We have finished all of the drums and some of the bass tracks. Speaking of! Check out our new bass we bought specifically for tracking this album with! It’ll make the bass sound Ohhhh so good. [:


Ok. Now that we have the bad news out of the way.. Here is a little surprise! We finally got the full “Pilgrim” video on our youtube channel. We would love to hear your feedback!

Thank you for your patience and encouragement along the way! Please continue to pray for us. This summer will be a great opportunity to birth new songs as we are inspired by God’s Word, the countless people we will meet, and the creation surrounding us every day.

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We love you.