Timothy Riordan

vocalist & Guitarist

Our leader. Our brother. A faithful and true friend. 

We have together tasted adventure and heartache, the thrill of success and throb of defeat, the joy of inspiration and clutch of barrenness. But through all of these things, Tim has an unshakable perspective. One not set on things of the world, but set on things that are above. He has an eternal mindset, and God has blessed him with the gift of communicating it through music. I often think of him as our David: a man heartily pursuing God’s face – determined to know Him, and set on glorifying Him. Strong and courageous, yet meek and humble, Tim postures himself as a servant of Christ in all that he does. He always wants to know how you’re doing, and how he can be praying for you. Out of his mouth comes Scripture and truth that he has carefully hidden away in the quieter moments. 

Tim thrives in the quieter moments. When stillness is tangible and thoughts are audible, the world’s clamor is muffled and peace rings like a bell. It is in those moments of reflection and seeking God that our songs are conceived. They come to existence by his careful examination of God’s heart and his desire for God to examine his. These songs move me every time we play them. He Cries, Bride, the Gardener, the Helper (amongst many others) – inspired by the Lord and painted through the colors of Tim’s mind. 

He’s recently married to his beautiful bride, Jillian. His partner in crime, co-adventurer, help-mate, and better half, I have only seen growth and maturity come as they model the picture of Christ and the Church. 

Also, Frodo Baggins keeps writing us fan mail. He wants his hair back. 



Eric Blais


Wow. This guy. Well, to begin with, Eric is 1 out of 2 of the original members of Atlas Rhoads. I (Timothy) traveled across the US with Eric for a year in a band called Light, sponsored by Liberty University. These were among the greatest of times.. (However, greater times lie ahead). Eric has this burning passion to carry the name of Christ like none else. He wants to spread Jesus to every living being. Eric is one of those essential friends for a dreamer. Although he is a dreamer, and dreams so fiercely, he is also a pure realist.. Which is so vital, because I tend to forget that "real" exists at times. Musically, Mr Blais terrifies the bravest of drum sets. The snare trembles when she hears him coming. He has such a wonderful mind, and knows exactly what is needed in a song.. He has really captured the beauty of simplicity in music, and knows just when how to add a complex masterpiece to a song. Eric is also an adventurer. A sunrise hike, a downtown journey, a nice bike ride is never far from his mind.. He has even voiced his dream of biking to Virginia beach and back (a 346 mile trek) recently.. Which I will definitely be joining him for. Because of these truths and many many more, Eric's friendship is deeply rooted. I thank God for him, and I am greatly honored to serve alongside him in Atlas. He would love to meet you... Really. He is one of the most genuine and intentional relationship builders I know..


Lauren Dorr


Know how there are some people you’ve met in life that have this secret ingredient about them that gives them this unearthly quality of benevolence and humility? You feel valued after they’ve gone, and humbled that they took the time to ask you question after question about who you are, or how you’re really doing. You can’t help but wonder why someone would care so much when, you know for a fact, that this person is far more interesting, cultured, and unique than you are, in every way, and should be talking about him or herself. 

Ladies and gentleman…Lauren Dorr. She is that human.. far more interesting, cultured, and unique than many of us ever have a prayer of being. She would never be the one to tell you that though. The abundant selflessness about Lauren that says, “I care,” “I want you to let me into your life,” and “You’re special,” is the product of spending dedicated and special private time with someone who feels that way about her. That someone is Jesus, and Lauren knows Him really well. Loves Him too. 

We love that about Lauren, and you’ll find when you meet her that you love that about her too. 

Golden locks and golden vocal cords, a heart that loves people and being goofy with them, an adventurous spirit and a heart for the lost; born in Cyprus, former YWAM-er, and can make a MEAN Mediterranean salad. She’s a wildcard.


Justin Smith

Lead Guitarist

Where to start. Justin is the lead guitarist for us. His tones come from heaven. Angels dance to the sound of his pluckings. Justin brings life into a room.. He smiles no matter the situation. Many times I can get burdened by certain realities, but he lightens the load. He is the Sam-Wise to every Frodo; such a loyal and dear friend to all. One of my favorite characteristics of Justin is his passion for unique hobbies. He is a master of wood burning, wood carving, canoeing, exploring.. Anything that involves adventure, creativity and care, he is all over it. I have journeyed across the country and back with him many times, and every experience is better than the time before. At times, he is known as the dad. He will take careof the business no one else want to do, because he is a servant and a hard worker. However, greater than all of these, is his passion for The Lord. He is a very focused follower of Christ. He wants to change the world, one life at a time. I am blessed to call him friend. You should meet him some day.