Street Team & Concerts

Hello friends!

!!!! We have 3 very important announcements!!!

1) WE NEED A STREET TEAM! Will you join us? This team is for those who truly believe in the vision of Atlas Rhoads and desire to partner with us. All members will get exclusive benefits (list below). We pray that this album will impact the lives of those who hear its message, and we need your help to reach the masses. If you would like to join the ARST (Atlas Rhoads Street Team), please email us at with a link to your facebook profile.

What does an ARST member do?

  • For those joining, we will have a special FaceBook page designated for the ARST. We will post a mission once a week for all members to accomplish. They will be easy/fun tasks that will prepare the digital world for the album, and reach as many ears and eyes as possible. These missions will take no longer than 30 minutes per week.

How does an ARST member benefit?

  • We will have your name on our website and FaceBook under “Atlas Rhoads Street Team Members”.
  • We will send you exclusive downloads of new songs in progress.
  • You will receive a free digital download of our album
  • We will be keeping a point system of all members, and we will have occasional special giveaways (free tickets, free shirts, free posters, $25 gift cards to your favorite restaurant etc).
  • And other giveaways

So again, if you are interested in partnering with us, please email us at Thank you!!


2) We are opening for John Mark McMillan on October 30th!! God is good. We hope to see you there.

3) We have never released an album, so we are learning how long things take to process and be completed as we go (mixing/mastering/itunes/spotify etc). So we believe January 23rd will be our official release date. We will do everything in our power to stick with this date. Please continue praying for this album as we record. We will be posting videos of the process soon!

With much love,
-Atlas Rhoads

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