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Atlas Fam U.K.



God has called us as a community to be a light in England.




Meet the Team

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Eric & Amber Blais

Hi! We are the Blais’ (pronounced like “Blaze”). We have been married for almost 5 years.  We have always felt the call to full time ministry and are so excited to be partnering with Greater Europe Mission. Both of us have such a passion to serve God wherever He calls us– and right now that’s in England!





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Timothy & Jillian Riordan

Hi! We are the Riordan Family.  We have been married for almost 3 years. Timothy grew up in Georgia and Jillian grew up in Pennsylvania and we currently live in Virginia. We have always wanted to serve as a married couple for a year doing missions and we are so excited God has led us to England through Greater Europe Mission. 



1.5% of the population of Birmingham go to a Bible believing church.
— Birmingham 2020
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About Greater Europe Mission

Greater Europe Mission UK is part of a global mission focused on reaching Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s Church. They mobilize missionaries from the UK to serve on community-focused mission throughout UK and Europe. 

What will we be doing?

Most of our day to day will be spent building relationships with the people in our local neighborhoods as we partner with our churches Grace Church and Christ Church Longbridge.

Another exciting way that God has called us to serve is through music.  We will be sent out from our home base of Birmingham about once a month to play concerts and worship events in different cities all across the United Kingdom and Europe! Our prayer is that the beauty of Jesus would be displayed through our songs.

The overall goal of our ministry with Greater Europe Mission is to form relationships, grow disciples, build up the church, and use music as a vehicle to open more doors of opportunity for the gospel to be preached.



Why England?

Greater Europe Mission actually helped us with this decision. With this being more on the shor-term side of mission trips, sending us to a country where there is no language barrier would help us begin ministry from the start. This is also especially beneficial because of the music portion of our ministry. Our lyrics are one way that we will be sharing the Gospel with the people of England, and GEM believes the style of our music will relate very well to their culture!

What does your budget of $79,000 cover?

$79,000 divided by 4 people is just under $19,750 each to live in England for a year! This includes our housing, food, airfare, insurance, and ALL ministry expenses. We will be traveling once a month to different cities in the U.K. to do music outreach, and all of those costs are included as well. 

What are some shared passions and interests between the four of you?

We have so many! But our favorites would definitely include JESUS, cycling, board games, book clubs, coffee & tea, photography, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, all things C.S. Lewis, hiking, adventures, worship, songwriting... I could go on.