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Our new single “Forgive the Silence” just released Spotify and all other streaming platforms! Read the lyrics here as you listen.
This song tells the human story of our seeking and running from the Love that so perfectly pursues us. From the stream that is true and absolute life... that is true joy and fulfillment. 
We have never worked so carefully and so long on one song. It is just special to us. It is a story that I believe we all understand deeply and know so well. We hope this song resonates with you and reminds you of the true Hope we have. Jesus.

Based out of Lynchburg, Virginia, symphonic Christian indie-rockers Atlas Rhoads formed in 2013.

Our mission is two-fold 1) To worship the Creator of the world through creating beauty, and 2) to impact our world through this art; songs founded on the truths of the Gospel.

We strive to use thought-provoking lyrics and captivating compositions that accompany the emotional depth of each word. Music that will edify the Church, and pierce the heart of any human.


"Atlas Rhoads"
Self-TITLED Album